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UK’s Best Lockdown DIY Projects

At the moment many of us are seeking projects to do around our homes to not only improve them but to fill our time during the various lockdowns. Often a good DIY project will create a bit of a mess and rubbish that will ultimately require removal services. Hiring a skip with us makes sure that your rubbish is removed and managed through environmentally conscious ways, ensuring as little as possible ends up in landfill.

Hiring a skip for your DIY projects makes it as easy as possible to have your rubbish removed in bulk without having to worry about sorting any of it out. With a short term skip hire in Cornwall, you can have your project underway in no time at all.

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DIY Projects To Get Done During Lockdown

Many of us are using our time at the moment to improve our homes, whether that is a kitchen & bathroom renovation or just a large decluttering. A skip can make sure that once you have finished with all that hard work, our expert team can remove your rubbish quickly and easily, saving you the hassle of worrying about it.

Some popular DIY projects you could try are:

  • Kitchen or Bathroom Renovations – Typically these can be big jobs and require a skip to remove old cabinets, appliances & worktops. Depending on how large your renovation project is you may need one of our midi or maxi skips to fit all of the old pieces in. If you’re changing out the flooring too a skip  could be really beneficial for removing all of the rubbish in one go
  • A Garden Makeover – Get round to sorting your garden out before the summer with a complete garden overhaul. You’ll be surprised how much waste can be generated from rejuvenating your garden. From old plants & small trees to possibly even re-turfing the lawn. It might benefit you and your gardening project to hire a skip, freeing up room for you to work
  • A Complete De-Clutter Of Your Home- Getting rid of all of the things we no longer want is always the first task to be put off. with a little bit more time on our hands at the moment there’s plenty of scope to finally declutter your home. This may not seem like a job you would need a skip for but don’t underestimate the amount of items you’re happy to get rid of when you get going. It might be that you have a loft filled with things you haven’t used in years or a garage with no room to park the car in. Have one big clear out and use one of our skips to put it all in
  • Full Loft Conversion – Converting a loft into a usable room can require a skip for the waste created. This may include construction waste, any old items in the loft and any remaining contents in the room before the conversion

Picking The Right Sized Skip For Your DIY Project

It’s important to consider the amount of rubbish you’ll generate from your DIY project before hiring a skip. Choosing one that is too small will mean you won’t be able to fit as much in, causing more hassle for you later into your project. 

Alternatively large skips may not fit on your property, requiring a road permit. We can sort all this for you but it’s best to make sure you know what size is best for your project. Our team is experienced in advising the best sized container for your needs.

Take a look at our skip size guide blog for more information.


To Find Out More Or To Hire A Skip Contact Us

Our team is always on hand to assist you with skip hire or any of our other services. We will be able to offer advice on how big of a skip you may need based on your  project and give you a quote over the phone.

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