Say No To Fly Tipping & Hire A Skip

Hiring a skip is quick & simple with us and can drastically help to improve the quality of our surrounding environment. We recycle as much as physically possible from your waste to ensure that we are being environmentally conscious when it comes to waste management.

Planted firmly in the South West, we strive to keep our local environment clean and looked after. Our team aims to assist as many people as possible with skip hire to ensure that the number of fly tipping events is reduced. Contact us for more information.

bricks in a skip

Why Hiring A Skip For Your Waste Is Important

It has been reported that fly-tipping soars by 300% during the various lockdowns in 2020 & 2021. Both Portsmouth University & Southampton University have shown that almost all household waste recycling centres were closed to help stop the spread of the virus which unfortunately resulted in an increase in fly-tipping. 

Hiring a small skip for your waste helps to manage the removal of rubbish effectively. We strive to dispose of your rubbish as environmentally friendly as possible. We recycle as much as we possibly can to prevent it going to landfill. 

The Dangers Of Fly Tipping

Fly tipping is detrimental to our lovely countryside, both environmentally and economically. In 2017 fly-tipping cost the UK tax payer £58m in removal and clean up costs but the real issue is the effect rubbish has on our environment. Sharp objects in your rubbish can cause serious injury to animals and children whilst crisp packets and cans tend to trap small animals.

rubbish on street

Often rubbish finds it way into our waterways which in turn pollutes the very water we drink and use daily. Aquatic animals also  suffer as a result of waste finding its way into the water. Keeping our southwest countryside and coastline clean and free of rubbish is important to us which is why hiring a small skip is so important.


Sustainable Rubbish Removal

The removal and disposal of rubbish in a sustainable way is important to us which is why our state of the art, mid-Cornwall waste transfer facility is equipped with machines that separate recyclable materials from general waste. This ensures that we minimise the amount of rubbish sent to landfill as much as possible. 

Managing Your Waste Properly

As a waste management company in Cornwall it’s part of our responsibility to aid in keeping the Cornish environment free of rubbish. This includes hazardous materials which are very often dumped on the side of the road and other places. This not only poses a severe health risk but is irresponsible too. Our experienced waste management team is licensed by the Environment Agency to carry some hazardous materials such as tyres and asbestos.

If you require the removal of hazardous rubbish, get in touch with us so we can assist you as best as we can.

To Hire A Skip Or To Enquire, Contact Us

When it comes to rubbish removal in Cornwall & Devon, our highly trained team can help with any matter of waste management. From small DIY projects & house clearouts, to full commercial rubbish removal from offices and construction sites. Contact us for more information contact us on 01726 860093.

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