How Useful Are Excavators In Construction Projects?

From landscaping & trenching to larger construction projects, diggers and excavators are vital to the progression of a building site. Machinery such as mini excavators is very popular for projects such as small commercial jobs to residential projects that involve working in smaller or tight areas. Their versatility & manoeuvrability makes these machines incredibly useful when working around constraints of inaccessibility.

Although our mini excavators are entirely versatile, it isn’t just small projects we hire our equipment out to. With a whole fleet of excavators at our disposal, we offer a wide range of digger equipment. With our largest excavator being our heavy-duty, 40-tonne machine. However, one question we are asked often is just how useful our mini excavators really are?

Having to deal with the many tasks related to a small construction project such as; trenching, digging or even landscaping, you need to know just how useful one of these diggers can be. Rest we have the plant hire suitable for any job.

What Are The Capabilities Of A Mini Excavator?

These machines are extremely durable and are complete workhorses. They are great for working in small or hard to reach areas for tasks such as landscape gardening or installing driveways.

Moving Dirt & Rubble

To understand how much rubble these excavators can move is determined by the type of ground and its conditions. However, these diggers will work to move masses of dirt far quicker than just manpower alone. Roots, rocks or other larger bits of debris may slow them down slightly but they’ll work through them no problem too.

The speed in which rubble is dug and moved also depends on whether you require accurately measured spaces made. Typically, a mini excavator with a skilled driver can move roughly 30 cubic meters of earth an hour which means simple landscaping projects can be completed with ease in a matter of hours with one of these machines.

Lifting & Moving With A Mini Excavator

The mini diggers we have for hire are more than capable of lifting and moving rubble from close to the machine. Usually, the depth in which you can dig is restricted due to underground obstacles, especially in residential projects however, the excavator has the capabilities.

Our diggers are optimised to collect and distribute earth close to the machine in order to make them ideal for smaller locations. As a sturdy and stable excavator, it uses its long arm to extend its reach whilst maintaining a very good lifting capacity. This small but mighty machine is extremely versatile and powerful, suitable for various small construction projects.

Contact Us For More Information On Mini Digger Hire

We have various machines available for plant hire to assist you with various construction projects. Contact us as plant hire specialists in Cornwall and the surrounding areas for more information on mini excavators.

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