Soft Strip Demolition Cornwall

Soft strip demolition is a term that describes the stripping down and removal of non-structural material within a building before demolition or internal refurbishment can take place. DSW provide strip out services to the highest standards and all waste material is recycled wherever possible. For further information or to arrange a free consultation for soft strip demolition in Cornwall and Devon, please get in touch.

Professional Soft Strip Demolition Services

Our professional soft strip demolition services are delivered by our own team of highly experienced staff. The proactive approach of our staff coupled with acute attention to detail ensures that all aspects of the project are completed on time and in accordance with all the latest health and safety regulations. Our services include:

Strip Out Contractors

Whether you are working on a small or industrial scale project, our strip out contractors can provide professional soft strip demolition services to prepare your property for renovation and refurbishment or demolition.

We have extensive experience in strip outs. To date, DSW have worked on complex and large projects such as the Ponsmere Hotel in Perranporth in 2016. Our team are highly skilled, work efficiently and to tight deadlines to remove all internal material. Furthermore, following the strip down, all waste material is sorted to separate recyclable material from general waste. Any recyclables will be sent for processing and this service can save you from costly and unnecessary landfill waste disposal charges. Our soft strip services include the removal of the following types of material:

Health & Safety Compliant

Never cutting corners, the team at DSW Group always adhere to strict and up to date health and safety legislation. As considerate contractors, the impact of our work on neighbouring properties and passers-by is taken into account. As a result, the safety and wellbeing of those in close proximity to the project is safeguarded against any potential risk factors.

Soft stripping can also produce excessive levels of construction dust. As a result, we take every precaution to minimise dust released into the atmosphere. Through the use of leading dust extraction technologies combined with industry-standard PPE, every site we work on is made as safe as possible for all trades working on the job.

We can also perform asbestos surveys and testing. It is essential that any asbestos containing material is removed before the soft stripping takes place.

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Contact the team at DSW Group to get a quote for soft strip demolition in Cornwall, Devon or anywhere else in the UK. We offer a complete service at competitive prices that is led by a team of industry experts.

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