Asbestos Removal Cornwall

DSW are experts in asbestos removal in Cornwall and Devon. We work with both private and commercial clients across all sectors, helping to make sure their buildings are safe. Our asbestos division is fully licensed to work with and remove all types of asbestos from your property in compliance with HSE regulations and code of practice. In addition, we are a licensed hazardous waste carrier, so we will dispose of all waste in line with Environment Agency legislation. If you need to arrange asbestos removal in Cornwall or Devon, then contact us for a fast response.

Asbestos Removal Company

Our asbestos removal company is based in Cornwall; however, we offer our professional services across the South West region, including throughout Devon. We employ a team of highly experienced and accredited technicians. They have a wealth of knowledge in handling and removing all types of ACMs. As a result, you can trust us to safely dispose of any toxic waste while maintaining the highest levels of health and safety to safeguard occupants, contractors and the general public.

If you are planning on a refurbishment, extension, building work or demolition, then contact the team at DSW for professional services you can rely on.

Is it Asbestos?

If you suspect the presence of asbestos, then we can offer a fast response for testing and surveying. It is vital that any suspected ACMs are not disturbed, whether that be by any building work, drilling or demolition. Disturbed ACMs will release toxic fibres into the atmosphere that can be ingested or inhaled which can lead to fatal consequences.

If we do find ACMs within your property, you do not have to panic. Sometimes, if the substance is in good condition, it is better to leave it alone. Our trained technicians will inspect the material and advise whether it needs removing or not. In some cases, we will advise on arranging for the ACM to be encapsulated. This is a technique of applying special substances that will coat and secure the fibres so that if it is left in situ, it will not pose a risk. If the ACM is out of reach and in good condition, we may recommend a management plan and periodic re-inspection.

Asbestos Removal Cost

The cost associated with removing asbestos will depend on how much of the toxic substance you have present within your property. Our technicians can survey your building and provide a quotation for professional removal. We aim to keep our prices competitive and all work is completed in line with strict hazardous waste regulations.

Asbestos Removal Near Me

Contact DSW Group for asbestos removal in Cornwall and Devon. Our dedicated team of qualified technicians provide a fast response. So, if you are concerned about ACMs in your building, get in touch.